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Vital Resources for Virtual Assistants

Ah Google. What would we do without it? For those first embarking on their Virtual Assistant journey, it’s an infinite source of information. Thankfully, for every aspiring VA, there are hundreds of others who have been there, got the t-shirt and found time to write about it. Usually, we write about topics our busy clients […]

Top Tips For Working From Home

Coronavirus has taken the world’s stage this year, dominating headlines. Unfortunately, the way the virus is heading will mean that many people will be faced with the reality of working from home for a period of time. Though some will find this transition an easy one, some will inevitably struggle. Here at Virtalent, we are […]

How To Become A Virtual Assistant In The UK

Wondering how to become a Virtual Assistant in the UK? It's an exciting opportunity if you want to continue your professional career, from the comfort of your own home. No long commute or smelly trains to put up with, as many or as few hours as you would like to work, a flexible schedule that […]