An AVirtual Alternative.
Right Here In The UK.

Great value for money, high-quality support and no headaches… it’s easy to see why British businesses are making the switch!


SAME TIME ZONEYes No – 2 hours ahead.
SAME CULTUREYes No – 6000 miles away.
EXPERIENCED TEAMYes – average 15 years.No – just 2 years needed to apply.
GDPR COMPLIANTYes – 100% compliant.No – your data processed outside the EU.
FULL HOLIDAY COVERYes – with full handover at no cost to you.No – skeleton/emergency cover only.
SHORT NOTICE PERIODYes – 7 days.No – 30 days.
FRANCHISEESNo – our trusted, in-house team keeps 100% of their income.Yes – an AVirtual Partner pays £4000 to £8000 to access your to-do list.

See FAQs (below) to verify our claims.

Hear Why Karina Chose Virtalent

Karina explains “I’d tried other Virtual Assistant systems before and really found them lacking. But when I found the Virtalent team, it just ‘clicked’!”

Hire Top People You Can Depend On

The number one reason businesses switch from AVirtual to Virtalent is the quality of our people.

We’re proud to set the bar high: our trusted VAs need over 8 years relevant experience to even download an application form. In reality, last year, new starters had an average 15.6 years experience when joining the team!

At AVirtual, VAs are franchisees (‘AVirtual Partners’). Perhaps that’s why they only ask that your VA has worked somewhere for just 2 years. Then they’ll take their franchise fee.

Skip The Headache

Growing a business is a challenge. You’re short on time and need to use it wisely.

Can you afford to suffer setbacks and frustrating delays from cultural clashes, different working hours and a lack of UK knowledge? Whether you just need a train booked from Manchester to Bristol, or want critical competitor research on the latest startups coming out of London, it’s important you don’t just spend your week going around in circles.

Hire an experienced, handpicked Virtual Assistant right here in the UK, and you’ll soon realise you’ve made the wiser choice.

Get More Bang For Your British Buck

Our higher price tag makes a lot of sense. It’s because we give you more!

Here, the unused hours you’ve already paid for do roll over. Here, you get to work with a premium quality Virtual Assistant. Here, you’ll get access to proper holiday cover whenever your VA needs a well-earned break.

Yes, nice things cost a little more, but when you compare Virtalent to AVirtual, the difference is clear.

A Few Of Our Team

Our talented people are why we’re a better AVirtual alternative.

Your FAQs

Get to know why we make a solid AVirtual alternative.


Virtalent is not affiliated with AVirtual – we’re an alternative provider.

AVirtual offer a Virtual Assistant service, however, there are several key differences:

  • Their team is based in Cape Town, South Africa, and not in the UK.
  • Their business model is a franchise, whereas Virtalent is not.
  • Their application criteria for new Virtual Assistants stipulates that 2 years experience is needed to make an application, whereas applicants at Virtalent must have at least 8 years relevant experience.
  • Aspects of the service offered by Virtalent – such as holiday cover and rolled hours – are not offered by AVirtual.

All of the information we’ve gathered for this article is publicly available at the AVirtual website,, and can also be verified independently by contacting AVirtual directly.

If you feel this article is incorrect, please do contact us so we can review your feedback.


We’re proud of our stellar reputation. It’s seen us regularly featured in the national press, win industry awards and, most importantly, grown the company at an impressive pace.

You can find verified 5* customer reviews on our official page here.

A quick Google will also yield more results from the likes of industry website, Virtual Assistant Assistant.

If you want to dig deeper, you can also find a number of case studies on real customers at Virtalent.



At Virtalent, we know what our customers are looking for when it comes to hiring a Virtual Assistant – our service helps businesses across the globe to grow, and there’s something very rewarding about that.

In fact, it’s that passion, that spark, that helps us stand out from the rest of our rather vanilla-looking industry. We’re entrepreneurial, passionate and proud of it!

Take our unique matching process, as just one example. Instead of throwing you into the deep end with a free trial, we start your journey with a conversation. We want to get to know you and your business.

A short call really helps us understand exactly what you need from us as a potential partner to you. We then work out precisely who in our team would be the very best fit for you – looking at everything from their skills and industry experience, through to their unique personality. We realise how much it all matters to you.

Oh, and you also get to speak with them directly. Before making your decision.

Then there’s the rolled hours, the holiday cover, the premium quality team members, the great value rates… we don’t want to blow our own trumpet, but we stand out because we offer you what you need, not a watered-down, half-hearted version of that.



The first step is to browse through our website, then to book a free consultation call.

Speaking with a real member of our team will give you the opportunity to ask any questions, explore how we might be able to help you and get to know why we might make a better AVirtual alternative.

If you like, we can then send you a proposal detailing exactly who we’d recommend you work with, if you were to take out a monthly plan with us.



Our VA Clare is wonderful and has blended in with the team so well. We are looking forward to a long partnership. The whole team at Virtalent including Sam and Alice have been great. Highly recommended.


Wonderful and quick! They made sure to find a VA that matched the skillset I was looking for and within a week I was up and running. Great service!


Jane from Virtalent is brilliant. She has helped me get on top of some of the things that have been hanging around unfinished. I’ve got both time and a bit of sanity back!

Co-Founder, Cosmic Kids

Virtalent clears space in our day and in our heads to focus on making Cosmic Kids even more amazing! Frances our virtual assistant is utterly reliable, full of initiative and an excellent communicator - I'm very happy we've found her. She's absolutely part of our team!
SEO Consultant (Marbella)

I've been very impressed with Virtalent. Over the years I've worked with various UK Virtual Assistant agencies and Virtalent is by far the best. Nearly all of my clients are UK based, so having a highly educated assistant from the UK makes a big difference. Someone who not only understands the language but also the culture and mentality has really made a big difference. Being on the same timezone is a big plus as well. Highly recommended to anyone looking to hire for a Virtual Assistant agency you can trust.



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