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Here at Virtalent we regard our Virtual Assistants as experts in their chosen field. They’re dedicated to ensuring the continued success of entrepreneurs and small business owners who are on a mission to grow their business – but need someone reliable they can entrust with a range of tasks – from diary management to social media. Someone who can get things done from day one.

If you’ve worked as a Virtual Assistant, PA, EA, Office Manager, Marketing Manager or have similar expertise, and have at least 8 years of professional experience, then we want to hear from you. You'll need the drive, passion and discipline to work as a Virtual Assistant, based remotely from your clients.

Why fly solo when you can be a valued and trusted member of the Virtalent team?

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UK Virtual Assistant jobs with Virtalent
Work as a Virtual Assistant at Virtalent
Become a Virtual Assistant at Virtalent
UK Virtual PA jobs - Virtalent

What Virtalent Can Offer You

Shape Your Schedule

Tailor your work pattern to suit your life. Fit it around school runs, a spot of yoga and other commitments.

Trusted Clients

We’re as stringent with our clients as we are with the VAs we work with. Rest assured you’ll be matched with quality companies.

Sit Down: Get Started

Forget commuting. No more ‘standing room only’ or endless traffic queues. Just grab your computer, mobile phone and off you go!

Part Of Our Community

Even though you’ll work remotely, you’re not on your own. Virtalent puts people before profits.

Holiday & Illness Cover

Away for a week? Got a mystery bug? No worries. We can cover your clients while you’re off.

Hassle-Free Work

Do the work you love without the hassle of going it alone. No chasing new business; no unpaid invoices.

A People-Powered Community

Join Virtalent and you’ll quickly become part of our trusted community of experts. You’ll get exclusive access to our Slack group where you can chat to other Virtalent VAs, ask questions and share advice and tips on working remotely.

You’ll also enjoy regular check ins with the whole team and have everything you need to do the work you love – access to the right software (G Suite and our very own portal) – as well as the sympathetic ear of a Virtalent Client Success Manager, who can help smooth out any work-related wrinkles.

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Build Exciting Relationships

Unlike a traditional 9-5, where you’ll be thrown in at the deep end and left to fend for yourself, we do things differently.

New Virtual Assistants at Virtalent will start working with a single client during their first month with us. This initial client could need anything from 10 to 60 hours of support per month. If you’re happy, our Selection Team will then begin putting you forward to new clients looking for a Virtalent VA with your unique skills, experience and personality.

We’ll do this right up until you’ve comfortably filled your schedule with clients to support.

Read Our FAQs
Do You Have What It Takes To

Work As A Virtual Assistant At Virtalent?

We’re pretty picky about who joins Virtalent. But the right mix
of talent and experience is a great place to start!

  • You have stacks of experience under your professional belt.
  • You’re friendly, have bags of patience and pride yourself on standout customer service.
  • Time management’s second nature to you. You hit deadlines head on.
  • You really want to become a Virtual Assistant. It isn’t just a stopgap – it’s a career choice.
  • You're based in the UK and have the right home/office setup to work as a Virtual Assistant.
  • You have flawless communication skills and speak English to a native level.
  • A positive outlook and proactive attitude to getting things done.
  • Being organised is an innate skill. Plus you’re naturally tech savvy!

A Cloud-Based Culture We’re Proud Of

Ready To Become a Virtual Assistant? Let’s Get Going...

When you join Virtalent, you’ll have the help and support you need to do the best possible job for your clients. We’ll walk you through everything step-by-step – starting… now!

  • 1

    Assessment & Suitability Check

    The first step in joining Virtalent is the application. You submit your personal details, references and recommendations. We also need to assess that you’re comfortable with remote working, know what’s expected of you and have the right set up to work effectively.

    We also ask why you want to work as a Virtual Assistant – why this is the job for you. If everything checks out, we invite you to take part in a video assessment.

  • 2


    Following the assessment phase, if everything aligns, we invite you to take part in a video interview with our founder and Operations Director, Ellie. The whole process, including assessments, will take no longer than a few weeks – and if you’re a great fit we’ll let you know ASAP.

  • 3

    Contract & Checks

    Once the offer’s been made, we’ll send you a contract to work as a Virtual Assistant at Virtalent! We’ll also need to run a couple of additional background checks – which we do for everyone that joins us, via a third party verification service (Onfido).

  • 4

    Onboarding & Induction

    Your official welcome starts here! Your Client Success Manager will send you a welcome pack and support materials. Plus you’ll have access to our Task Portal – and to all of the G-Suite and remote working tools you need. You’ll also join our VA-only Slack community, where you can connect with our Virtalent VA support community.

  • 5

    Your First Assignment

    By this point we’ll have an excellent understanding of you as a person, your experience, expertise and availability – which means we can begin matching you with clients. You’ll be offered suitable work – not just assigned tasks. Plus you’ll have the chance to speak to each prospective client by phone before starting anything. And then… you’re good to go!

Did you know? Less than 2% of applicants for our Virtual Assistant jobs secure a position. We're picky!


You can also call us on 0330 120 0477 if you need to chat.

What does a Virtual Assistant do?

The role of a ‘Virtual Assistant’ is exactly that: working to assist someone - typically a small business owner - but virtually (i.e. remotely). So that means we all work remotely and we all do work that has a focus on helping our clients better leverage their own time, by delegating what they can to you as their VA.

A Virtual Assistant will usually have a broad range of skills, often built from a background in administration, executive assistance, project management, day-to-day marketing support and similar such “hands on” roles that keep businesses moving forward. You can see a good overview of the tasks we support clients with at Virtalent here.

Some Virtual Assistants prefer to specialise in a particular area - PA support or digital marketing, for example - but others are ‘all-rounders’ who have spent their careers doing everything from blog writing to booking flights!

We all work flexible hours, from home offices across the UK.

Why work as a Virtual Assistant at Virtalent?

We don’t often blow our own trumpet, but our team tell us continually that they absolutely love working with Virtalent. Many have worked with our competitors and would never go back.

But why?

  • You’ll work with a like minded team of experienced, talented professionals. We’re very stringent about who joins our ranks! That means you’ll always be (virtually) surrounded by other people that want to perform at their best, not cut corners.
  • You’ll be a part of a real community. What’s the best restaurant near Liverpool Street? Should my client pay their international clients by Transferwise or Revolut? At Virtalent, you have a wealth of information at your fingertips - including direct contact with our very accessible management team and founders - making your life easier and your client even happier!
  • You’ll receive proper support. From detailed client briefs you can choose to accept or reject, to an easy-access portal to log your time to, we have it all covered. Whether you have an IT issue or need some guidance with a challenging client, we have the experience and know-how to help!
  • Unlike some of our competitors, we won’t charge you any fees. You’ll receive your monthly invoice payments directly into your bank account.
How long does it take for your team to review my application?

We’ll assess your application as soon as we can.

In busy periods, we aim to give you a decision on whether you have passed through to the next stage of the process within a maximum of 3 weeks. However we do aim to let you know much sooner than that.

What happens after I apply?

We will carry out an initial review of your written application. If you wow us on paper, you'll then be asked to take a further assessment which will include a series of video interviews.

If you pass the further assessment and video interview with flying colours, you will be interviewed by the team at Virtalent. At that point, we will make a final decision on your application.

The process is stringent, but is not unnecessarily time-consuming so please do apply if you feel you have what it takes to join our super talented virtual team!

Can I work with more than one client?

Yes! It is rare for a Virtalent Virtual Assistant to work with just one client.

Most VAs will work with a number of clients, gradually filling up their monthly schedule so that they work the number of hours they would like to, per week or per month, with us.

Our VAs love the flexibility that this allows them and if they free up more time to work with us, we can assign them extra clients to support!

How many years of experience do I need?

To make an application, you must have a minimum of 8 years’ relevant professional experience.

By “relevant”, we mean time spent working in roles that directly relate to the work of a Virtual Assistant - those hedonistic years spent as a trapeze artist might not count, for example. You can see more about the tasks we support clients with at Virtalent here.

Looking at the stats, this year successful applicants have an average of 15.2 years’ experience when they join our team.

How many hours can I work?

We offer a flexible opportunity which our team of Virtual Assistants adore.

Virtalent VAs generally work between 40 and 160 hours per month.

There is no set limit to the number of clients you can support, as long as you can sustain high standard we expect, you must be able to commit to a minimum of 10 hours a week for your application to be considered by us for one of our Virtual Assistant jobs.

We'll ask you more about your availability during the application process.

How am I paid by Virtalent?

Work as a Virtual Assistant at Virtalent and you’ll be paid directly into your bank account. That means, unlike some of our competitors, there are no hidden fees or charges to pay on what you earn from your work at Virtalent. You’ve earned it!

You’ll simply email your invoice to us each month and we’ll take care of the rest.

How do I log my time?

We all work through the Virtalent Task Portal. Every time you need to do any work for a client - from making a call to working on a project - you simply log in to our portal, click “start timer” and crack on.

When you’re finished, you’ll hit the “stop” button then assign the time log against a task within your client’s project. Simple.

If you’re extra curious, you can also explore your timesheets in more detail, filtering them by client, project, task or date.

How do I start working with a client?

If you have successfully joined Virtalent, you’ll be ready to receive client briefs from our Selection Team. We’ll first look at our notes from a consultation call with each new client we speak to, before making our preferred selection (you!).

Each time we would like to recommend you to a client, we’ll send you a detailed brief which will give you an overview of what the client does and what they need help with. You’ll then let us know if you would like to be considered. If you’d prefer not to be, not, we’ll keep you in mind for the next opportunity.

If the client likes the sound of your profile, you’ll speak to them on the phone before they make a final decision on whether to go ahead - but unlike some companies, we’ll cover the time you speak to these clients regardless of whether they decide to work with you or not.

You’ll also work with your new client on a long-term basis and, in most cases, instead of completing very small one-off tasks for them here and there, you’ll be a dedicated part of their team with a defined set of responsibilities.

I’m not based in the UK. Can I still work as a Virtual Assistant?

No, you have to be living and working in the UK to apply to join our team. There are no exceptions to this rule.

We promise all of our clients that our Virtual Assistants are native English speakers living in the UK, as this is important to them, so unfortunately we will be forced to reject your application if you don’t meet this criteria.

Think you can get away with working for Virtalent from that sunny Thai beach hut? Think again. All of our online systems - from our portal to your inbox - monitor the location of anyone accessing them. That piña colada will have to wait!

How about my working space and laptop?

You must have access to your own computer, with the Microsoft Office suite, and any other relevant software you need to reasonably work as a Virtual Assistant installed.

Other than access to a Virtalent G Suite account and access to our Task Portal, we do not provide any equipment, software or working space.

That means:

  • Your computer should be reliable and reasonably new so that you can efficiently carry out the tasks required of you.
  • You must have an anti-virus system operating on your laptop.
  • The computer must be connected to reliable broadband Internet (sufficient speed to use video-calling software such as Skype).
  • For data security, confidentiality and safeguarding reasons, this computer must not be shared with anyone else in your household and access must be protected by a password, security device or pin number.
  • You must own a mobile phone and be happy to use this for occasional phone calls with your client.
  • You must also be able to work alone in a quiet environment free from distractions, at a desk (the dining table soon becomes uncomfortable!).
Is this a self-employed opportunity?

Yes. Virtalent is not an employer.

If successful in your application you will be working with clients that we have introduced to you as a self-employed freelancer. You set your own hours, decide where you work and decide how best to support your client, using your own experience and expertise.

You will also be responsible for paying your own tax and National Insurance contributions.

If you are not currently registered for self-assessment with HMRC, we can offer our advice and guidance to help you with this simple process before the commencement of any contract formed between you and Virtalent.

Please note, however, that you'll never be asked to pay any fees to Virtalent either to make an application or whilst working with us.

Let Your Experience Work For You

Looking for UK Virtual Assistant jobs? Work as a VA at Virtalent! Get the career you want in a way that works for you.

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Do You Meet Our Criteria?

We are very fortunate that many people apply to work with Virtalent.

Please do NOT apply if:

  • You do not have a minimum of 8 years’ relevant experience.
  • You are not based in the UK.
  • You cannot speak English to a native level.
  • You are currently in full-time employment.
  • You have never worked from home before (e.g. as a freelancer or in a flexible job role).
  • You are not available during standard UK office hours.
  • You see working as a VA as a temporary or interim measure.
  • You are looking to replace an existing job or level of income immediately.
We wouldn’t want you to take the time to apply, only to be turned down if you don’t meet our set of criteria!
You and Virtalent

Rates start at £13 per hour

Virtalent is not an employer. If successful in your application you will be working with customers that we have introduced to you as a self-employed freelancer. You will be responsible for paying your own tax and National Insurance contributions.

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