Our Virtual Assistant Services

From PA support to marketing, access the 5* Virtual Assistant service you need to grow.


Everything you’d expect from a high calibre Virtual Assistant. And then some.

  • Diary Management
  • Inbox Management
  • Travel Booking
  • Research & Reports
  • General Admin
  • Event Organisation



Need social media support? Content creation creds? Look no further.

  • Marketing Planning
  • Email Marketing
  • Market Research
  • Social Media Management
  • Content Writing
  • Simple Website Updates



For everything else that requires an expert Virtual Assistant on hand.

  • Project Management
  • Customer Service
  • Sales Support
  • HR
  • Recruitment
  • Business Management


What’s Included In Our Virtual Assistant Services?

  • The Very Best Virtual Assistant
  • Our Unique Tailored Matching Process
  • A Proactive Client Success Manager
  • Holiday & Illness Cover
  • Full Insurance Cover
  • UK-Based: Nothing Lost In Translation!
  • Flexible, Scalable Support Plans
  • Unused Hours Roll Over
  • A Dedicated Management Portal
  • Safe & Secure Software

Talented VAs,
Set Up For Success

Virtalent is unlike any other business you’ve worked with before. You might have used recruitment agencies, temps or even freelancers in the past; but a business that provides Virtual Assistant services focused on helping to grow businesses is still a relatively new concept for many.

But there’s definite demand for what we do. Remote working and portfolio careers are thriving, as more and more people want a better work-life balance. Our VAs are highly experienced professionals, who simply want to have meaningful jobs without the commute or hassle.

What sets Virtalent apart from other Virtual Assistant services is that we only work with the very best. Our smart, capable talent pool has already proved their mettle. We set the bar high for VAs that want to work for us, and we ensure that the clients we pair them with are a perfect match.

All of our Virtual Assistants are based in the UK, have several years of experience in blue chip companies and thriving start-ups, and the expertise needed to support you as you grow your business.

Ready to find out more?

Why Virtalent?


Only the top 4% of applicants are selected to join Virtalent.


Our Virtual Assistants have a proven track record at well-known companies.


We take time to understand your needs before matching you with a VA with the right skills.


All Virtalent VAs are native English speakers, based in the UK.


Our VAs work remotely by choice. It works for them and they love it!


Bank unused hours, enjoy holiday cover and get dedicated Client Success Manager support.


What Our Virtual Assistant Service
Can’t Take On


Our VAs are happy to make and return the occasional call, but we don’t operate as a full-time call centre.


Virtual Assistants can’t act as business consultants or advise on critical company decisions.


Simple website changes are fine – just not a coding overhaul!


Our Virtual Assistants can manage a rebrand project or create simple social media graphics – but not create complex designs themselves.


But our VAs can arrange the necessary third party services.


Our VAs can’t help with cold calling campaigns or sending spam emails.

Meet Our Virtual Assistants

Work with an experienced professional.

An Expert VA Service for You and Your Business

Discover how a Virtalent VA can help you achieve your business goals.


Let’s start with what a Virtual Assistant can do for you.

What is a Virtual Assistant Service?

A Virtual Assistant service consists of a team of multiple VAs working together to support the company’s client base. Compared to a freelance VA working on their own, the team will be able to help with a wider range of services and offer VAs from a wide range of backgrounds.

UK Virtual Assistant services are usually focused on administrative tasks such as diary management or handling customer enquiries, but can often also help with marketing tasks like social media scheduling.

The team will always work remotely (virtually) from you, but with today’s cloud-based technology available, there is very little that they cannot do.

What can a Virtual Assistant help me with?

Most reputable Virtual Assistant service providers will be able to support you on a day-to-day basis with:

  • Data entry or general administration
  • Diary or inbox management
  • Financial tasks e.g. chasing a payment
  • Making travel arrangements
  • Preparing for meetings
  • Customer support
  • Sales support (e.g. handling enquiries)
  • Social media management
  • Content writing tasks such as blog writing
  • Preparing email marketing campaigns or an e-newsletter
  • Conducting research

However, there are 100s of tasks that a good Virtual Assistant service can help you with, so the list certainly doesn’t stop there.

Why is Virtalent one of the best Virtual Assistant services?

Virtalent makes a great choice for any growing business, especially one looking for Virtual Assistant services in the UK and not further afield.

We particularly pride ourselves on:

  • The premium quality of our VA support
  • The flexibility of our monthly subscriptions
  • Our bespoke matching service which pairs you with your ideal VA
  • The fact that all tasks are insured
  • Our customer portal which ensures our service is 100% transparent

We feel we offer unbeatable value for money and hope you agree!

What can you not help with?

Whilst we provide a wide range of services, there are a few tasks we avoid:


  • All-day call answering – as you work 1-to-1 with your VA and we don’t “pool” tasks, it would be tricky for us to handle your incoming calls. Your VA will instead be happy to return calls taken by a Virtual Receptionist.
  • Consulting – we are there to assist and support you, not advise you on key company decisions. An opinion is fine but your VA shouldn’t be making strategic plans that could affect the future of your business.
  • Web development – simple edits such as swapping over an image or amending some text is usually fine, but we don’t provide web development or design as part of our Virtual Assistant service offering.
  • Graphic design – creating some simple social media graphics is one thing, but redesigning your entire company brand is not something we feel comfortable doing. We’d ask you to turn to a professional graphic designer here.
  • Sending items – whether that’s processing customer returns or letters from your bank, we cannot act as your office address or send/receive items for you.
  • Spam – we ask all clients to abide by GDPR and data protection laws. Your VA will not help you send spam email campaigns to a database you bought online, for example.
  • Anything unethical, illegal or a little odd – your Virtual Assistant must feel comfortable completing the tasks you delegate to them.