GDPR Compliance

At Virtalent, earning your trust and safeguarding your privacy are at the heart of everything we do. We are fully compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and we remain committed to ensuring our practices align with it.

Working With A Virtalent VA

Working with a VA from Virtalent is a fully GDPR-compliant process. When working with our VAs we have a number of processes in place to support the protection of your confidentiality and data, allowing you to rest assured that best practices are followed and adhered to.

    • Legally binding agreement: without question, every single VA that works with us is required to sign an extensive legally binding agreement, which has been written by legal professionals.  This agreement ensures that your VA is handling your data and confidentiality with care, at all times.
    • Data processing agreement: our VAs have a clearly defined relationship with Virtalent and our clients, guided by a separate Data Processing Agreement. This agreement outlines the role of our VAs as Data Processors under GDPR and explicitly states their responsibilities regarding processing any personal data shared with them.

    • Comprehensive IT security checklist: upon joining, each Virtalent VA must complete this checklist to ensure compliance, before working with any clients. This checklist contains points ranging from the security of their WiFi network, through to the safe storage and management of passwords.

    • 360 identity check: as part of the recruitment process, all VAs are identity checked with the support of a specialist company – Veriphy.  These checks are of the highest level and allow us to have complete assurance that we have a comprehensive overview of every VA before onboarding them as a team member and allowing them to work with clients.

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GDPR At Virtalent

As a company, we know the importance of protecting personal data. We are 100% GDPR compliant and have been since its launch in 2018. We not only abide by GDPR, but we also take the following steps to ensure we maintain the highest level of data protection:

    • GDPR training: all our internal staff are thoroughly trained on GDPR. This training ensures that every team member understands the responsibilities and practices of handling personal data. As updates and changes are made to regulation, everyone is informed in a timely manner and refresher training is taken periodically.
    • GDPR-compliant systems and processes: we have carefully designed our systems and processes to align with GDPR. We continually evaluate these systems to ensure they remain compliant.
    • Personal data handling: we treat all personal data with respect and care. Our GDPR-compliant privacy policy outlines our measures to ensure data is processed appropriately and data is never held for longer than necessary.
    • Client agreement: our legal agreement with you has been specifically written to ensure the protection of you, as our client, and your data and confidentiality, when working with Virtalent and your VA.
    • Cyber Essentials certified:  this certification means that we as a business have to follow very strict rules regarding data management and IT security. These include, protecting our emails and other systems with 2-factor authentication, working within ring-fenced firewalled IT systems and more. 
    • Watertight insurance: we hold comprehensive cover that includes cyber and professional indemnity insurance to ensure that you are completely protected.
    • Registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office:  this means that we follow the proper legal framework to legally process data in the UK. It also ensures that we are kept up to date with all of the latest information surrounding data protection laws and their requirements.

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Understanding GDPR And Its Importance

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a regulatory framework introduced by the European Union in 2018. Its main aim is to give individuals control over their personal data and to unify data protection laws across Europe.

GDPR is not just about data protection; it’s about trust. It ensures that businesses treat individuals’ personal data with respect and care, strengthening the relationship between businesses and their customers. Furthermore, it holds businesses accountable for any mishandling of personal data, fostering a culture of transparency and responsibility.

Being GDPR compliant is not just about ticking a box for Virtalent; it’s a fundamental part of how we operate. We understand the importance of maintaining your trust and privacy and take our commitment to GDPR seriously. We continually ensure our systems, processes, and people align with the most current data protection regulations.

In choosing to work with Virtalent, you’re choosing a partner committed to data protection who understands and respects the importance of GDPR. If you have any questions or concerns about GDPR practices, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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