Our Core Values

As a team, our values are that:

1. We Put People First

As a people-powered business, we treat everyone with kindness, respect and genuine understanding.

  • We take a consultative approach to making company decisions wherever realistically possible.
  • We always look for the “win-win” solution and, if we can’t find one, stop to consider what went wrong. We have an “abundance” mindset.
  • Our staff receive regular training, ongoing feedback and constant support, so they feel empowered and equipped to succeed.

This approach wins us happy clients, awards and mentions in the press. It’s not only the right thing to do, but a smart commercial decision too.

    2. Mental Health Matters

    As a fully-remote business, we recognise we must be especially proactive about mental health.

    • We go out of our way to be positive and optimistic, but recognise life can be challenging, no matter what our circumstances.
    • Whether we’re accessing our AssistYou wellbeing programme, or referring someone to our trained Mental Health First Aider, we have a collective responsibility to make sure we’re all “OK”.

    3. We Don’t Do BS

    As a successful team, supporting a long list of busy clients, logic and common sense always trumps “the done thing”.

    • We don’t do jargon. We don’t waffle about blue skies, boxes or low-hanging fruit. We communicate clearly and concisely, even if it takes a little extra effort to do so. Less is more.
    • We don’t do office politics, presenteeism, nor corporate hierarchies. Our egos aren’t invited to the party.
    • We don’t do pointless meetings or work to arbitrary targets. We’re clear about our roles and what we need to do – we take responsibility for our actions and for our behaviour. We’re trusted to do the job at hand.
    • We’re honest and open, even when it feels uncomfortable to be so. We own our mistakes and don’t try to pass the blame.
    • We maintain a strict “no twits” policy both inside and outside the business. We all agree that if someone cannot treat us with a reasonable level of fairness and respect, we won’t work with them.

    4. We Are Relentless Problem Solvers

    Every day, we make an impact. We’re self-motivated and naturally determined to make a difference at the deepest level.

    • We start with the goals and dreams of our clients and team in mind, and go from there. We don’t do things for the sake of it. We do things on purpose.
    • As we want to solve problems effectively, efficiently and, if possible, enjoyably too, we only hire the very best people. Being picky now reduces the chance something will go wrong, and saves time, energy and money down the line
    • We recognise that a diverse team brings unique insights to the table. Discrimination is not only ignorance, but a bad decision all round.
    • We foster cross-team communication, rather than working in silos. We enjoy working together as a team. Leaders discuss – they don’t dictate.
    • By keeping our promises – by solving problems, effectively – we create raving fans. These are ambassadors that will continue to shout about what we’re doing at Virtalent. Solving problems keeps the business growing.
    • As a company, we’re continually improving the way we do things. We don’t stand still. We’re on a relentless mission to be the very best Virtual Assistant service, always continually evolving.

    5. We Live and Breathe Flexible, Remote Working

    Virtalent was conceived on a cheap IKEA desk – we’re passionate about working remotely and have been since day one (well before COVID made it trendy!).

    • Whether we enjoy surfing in Cornwall or were born for the City life, we embrace living wherever in the UK makes us happy.

    • We don’t buy into any variations of grey cubicles, water coolers or office dogs (and  sorry to tell you, but we aren’t “family”). Getting control over our working environment sets us up for success.

    • We don’t waste time sitting in planes, trains or automobiles, if a Zoom call would do instead. We only take the time to meet in-person when the benefits make it undeniably worthwhile.

    Wherever realistically possible, we work flexible hours which adapt to our ideal lifestyle and the commitments we have made away from our desks. Work isn’t – and certainly shouldn’t be – the only priority in our lives. This approach we are focused on work when we’re working, not on trying to fight off other distractions.