Common Questions For Virtalent (FAQs)

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Where’s my free trial, Virtalent?
Short answer: We don’t have one (and not because we forgot!).

Long answer: We no longer offer a free trial. Not because we’re on an economy drive or because we forgot to make a pretty-looking webpage for it, but because we know it doesn’t really help you to make a decision.

Indulge us a little here. What task are you going to ask someone to work on that will concretely help you decide whether hiring a Virtual Assistant is the most genius idea you’ve ever had (or not)?

Does the task you’ve just made up on the spot purely for the free trial – “see if I’m overpaying for my electricity bills” or “write me 10 hilarious Tweets” – really help you decide whether to change your entire way of working as an entrepreneur?

We don’t think so. It really only tells you whether our VAs can use Google (hint: they can) and email you without silly mistakes (hint: also covered).

We’re on a mission to help you build an AWESOME long-term relationship with a super smart individual (not a task robot) who will add a lot of value to you and your business, hopefully for many years to come. So instead, we put our time and effort into making that happen for you: a free 1:1 consultation call with our Client Engagement team, our unique matching process, a detailed proposal and the chance to speak to the VA we recommend.

Our smallest plan is 10 hours and there is no further commitment beyond that.

It might just be the best decision you’ve made for your business. Ever. Convinced yet?


Why do I need to have a consultation call?

To make sure you get to work with your dream VA from day one, it’s important that we know who you are, exactly what you need support with and what’s important to you before we start working on your to-do list.

At Virtalent, we don’t only want to lighten your workload today, we want to enable you to grow your business for many more years to come. We focus on building happy, long-term client relationships here and our consultations are the first step in getting things moving.

Don’t worry, there’s no hard sell or obligation to sign up. The consultation is simply a chance for us to find out more about you, your business and for you to understand exactly what to expect from working with a Virtual Assistant.

You’ll speak with a knowledgeable member of our team; someone who understands the demands of running a business and the value that a VA can offer.


Why can’t I sign up online right away?

We’ll let you into a little secret here. Many of our competitors take shortcuts. Their software will randomly assign you one of 100s of VAs registered on their system to save them the “hassle” of actually getting to know you and your business.

You sign up in a few seconds and there you go. Hey presto! Here’s your new VA.

Oh, and that super important project for the new client you just landed? That’s just one of millions of tasks their global network will be churning out this year.

Their instant access model might save you a tiny bit of time today, but many clients have regretted taking this shortcut further on down the line. They didn’t get to work with someone they could truly rely on, so simply continued doing most tasks themselves instead… and then came to Virtalent when they gave up trying to make this work!

Call us old-fashioned, but we want to understand exactly who you are, what you need help with and check we’re the the right service for you – certainly well before we recommend who you work with in our team.

Without this discussion, we would struggle to understand how best to help you and we know that a short virtual meeting is the best way to do this.

On average, a consultation call takes just 27 minutes and then we aim to send you a proposal within 24 hours.


Why do I need to speak to the Virtual Assistant you recommend?

Your new Virtual Assistant will be working with you for a long time to come, day in and day out, so we think it’s important you have a chance to connect and check that you are working with the perfect person for you and your business, before you create an account with us.

These calls can last as little as 20 minutes if you prefer to simply say “hello”.


Which monthly support plan should I choose?

We can help you decide this during a consultation call, however, we recommend working on the basis that there are approximately 20 working days in a month.

So if you think 2 hours per day would be sufficient, based on how much time you spend on these tasks yourself, that’s 2 hours x 20 days = 40 hours per month. We’ve even included a handy calculator on our Support Plans page to help you break this down further.

We understand it’s difficult to be exact. That’s why unused hours will roll over and if you need any extra time each month, we will simply bill you for this. You can also switch plans at any time! Our pricing structure is designed to flex to your needs.


Do I need to pay before speaking to the VA you matched me with?

Absolutely not. Following your consultation call, you’ll receive a detailed recommendation which outlines the skills and experience of the Virtalent VA we recommend you work with. If you like what’s on paper, you’ll speak to them directly.

Only if you’re just as excited with the match we’ve made as we are, do we ask you to create your account with Virtalent so that you can begin working together.

Can I meet with you in-person to discuss my needs?

We all embrace remote working as a team, so don’t offer in-person sales meetings or consultations unfortunately. We feel that a consultation call is just as useful, whilst saving you the travel time, meaning you can get on with the rest of your day.

We can always speak over video if you would like to put a face to our “name” – just let us know.

The occasional exception to this is for clients from large companies looking to discuss our Enterprise solution.


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