Our Agreement FAQs

Our FAQs answer all you need to know about your agreement with us.
Am I locked in a scary, long contract?

No. If you don’t want to stay, we’re not going to make you. We’d prefer to impress you with an outstanding service you can’t live without – not try to pull the wool over your eyes or lock you into a seemingly endless contract.

But if your needs change, just let us know.

Please just note that a minimum of 7 days notice (before your next billing date) is needed, should you want to switch plans or even part ways completely.

How do I switch monthly support plans?

We know what it’s like to run a growing business. Things change.

If you need to swap plans, just let your Client Success Manager know at least 7 days before your next billing date and they’ll switch you over. That’s it!

How would I cancel my account if my needs change in the future?

We get it. Part of the fun – and the same reason why you may be crying into your porridge this morning – is that you don’t know what is around the next corner when you’re scaling up your small business.

You can cancel your account with Virtalent at any time. We also won’t make you call our “Customer Liaison Manager” to pressure you into staying either (no half price Sky packages here unfortunately).

Simply drop an email to your Client Success Manager at least 7 days before your next billing date and they’ll make sure you don’t lay your eyes on another invoice. That’s it!

Do you and your VAs hold insurance?

Yes, all Virtalent VAs individually hold Professional Indemnity insurance, however you would hold a legal contract with Virtalent and not with any individual VA that works on your account.

We have comprehensive insurance in place with Hiscox which covers all work on your account, with a claim limit of £20k for any one task. This would cover:

– Negligence or breach of any duty of care.
– Vicarious liability for VAs supplied by us to you.
– Infringement of intellectual property rights like copyright or trademark.
– Any other civil liability.

Other policies include extensive Cyber and Data Security insurance.

Please do ask us for more details about this if you need more information.

Where do I find your terms and conditions?

You can read our Terms and Conditions of Sale here.

We recommend you discuss anything that you are unsure about with our team by getting in touch, because legalese can be tricky to digest.


Where do I find your privacy policy?

You can read our Privacy Policy here. Please ask us to clarify anything that you are not sure about. We are 100% fully GDPR compliant and take your privacy seriously.

If you have a question or feel your rights have been affected, please contact us.


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