Working With Virtalent FAQs

Our FAQs answer all you need to know about working with Virtalent.
What does my Client Success Manager do?

All Virtalent clients are assigned a dedicated Client Success Manager.

Your Client Success Manager is not only there to answer your questions and resolve any queries you might have whilst working with us, but also to proactively help you get the most out of the service we offer.

Software recommendations? Delegation tips? A sounding board for your latest project? Alongside your VA, our team want to make sure you’re leveraging your time efficiently and effectively.


How do I work with my VA?

We don’t set any rules here. Most clients prefer to use a combination of email and phone calls to work with their VA, whereas others like to use Slack (a real-time messaging platform) or a to-do list app like TickTick.

It’s really completely up to you and your VA. If you prefer to work a certain way, just let us know on your consultation call and we’ll make sure your VA is happy to meet those requirements.

When working, your VA will also setup your tasks within our Task Portal (e.g. “Travel booking”) and then log time to these tasks in real time. They log in, click “start” to begin any work and then hit “stop” when they’ve finished. These time logs are then debited from your balance of hours throughout the month. Easy peasy.


How do I see the time my VA logs each day?

All Virtalent clients have their own login credentials to our very own Task Portal. Here you’ll be able to view a complete breakdown of all time logged, by anyone working on your account, to the exact minute.

And if you have a query about your account, just contact your Client Success Manager.


How does holiday cover work?

As soon as your VA lets us know, we’ll make sure you are aware when they plan to be away (though they’re likely to have told you anyway).

We’ll then recommend someone with a similar background and skillset to support you.

If you’re happy with our choice, your usual VA will provide a full handover to the second VA. This doesn’t cost you a penny and is always a smooth, simple process.

The cover VA may then provide a handover back to your usual VA when they return.

What makes virtalent different from your competitors?
Well, where do we start? We don’t like to blow our own trumpet but this seems a good place to stop being so modest.

First, with an average 15 years’ experience, our VAs are likely to be the most experienced and talented VAs available to you. And all for an ultra-competitive monthly fee. Our competitors will either price you out or water down the quality of their talent pool. But at Virtalent we’ve got the best of both worlds ready for you – awesome people at a price you can realistically afford.

Next is our unique matching process which puts your needs (not ours!) first.

At Virtalent, our team will work to understand not just what tasks you need to delegate, but also who you are as a person and what makes you tick. We then discuss this as a team and see who we feel would be the “best” Virtual Assistant for you based on our knowledge – from Myers Briggs personality results, to software skills. We won’t stop until we have the perfect match.

We’ll then send you that VA’s detailed profile and if you’re happy, you’ll chat to your new VA directly to make sure you “click”. All before you’ve paid a penny to us.

This doesn’t happen elsewhere. Many of our competitors will charge your card before you even know who you’ll be working with.

And then there’s your charming Client Success Manager.

Each Virtalent client is given a dedicated Client Success Manager. Our competitors may give you an “Account Manager” (with several hundred clients to somehow juggle), but what happens if you have a concern you really feel unsure about? Ours won’t just answer your “ticket” in a busy team inbox – email 291 that day.

Instead, your very own Virtalent guardian angel will give you a call and talk it through, then follow up afterwards with some useful tips and tricks. They may even crack a joke or two.

We put people before profits and we promise you’ll notice the difference.

Want more? Click on the link below to see how else we’re disrupting the Virtual Assistant industry in the UK.


Can I meet with my VA in-person?

At Virtalent we have a deliberate “remote first” culture that we’re incredibly proud of. This means that everyone, from our Client Success Manager (rural Hertfordshire) through to our accountants (Durham) works together online.

Our Virtual Assistants also love working remotely. They ditched the long City commute long ago and don’t have any plans to return to “the daily grind”.

That means location isn’t something we pay much attention to in our hiring process. We want to hire great people, whether they’re in London or Leicester. That means you’ll certainly get to meet your VA but as they might not be around the corner, you’ll need to swap that Starbucks chat for a Skype call (saving you an extra journey in your already busy schedule!).

Can my VA attend physical events and meetings with me?

As we embrace a “remote first” culture across Virtalent, your Virtual Assistant is really there to assist you virtually! Handing out flyers at a trade show or re-organising your filing cabinets each week isn’t how they are geared up to work.

Perhaps your VA could dial in to your conference room to take meeting notes? Maybe a Marketing VA could help you switch your in-person workshops to a webinar format to help you save a little time too?

In today’s technology-driven world, you might be surprised at just how seamlessly your VA can work with you on anything that you might first think would require their physical presence.

Remember, your Client Success Manager will be on hand at all times to help you figure this out!

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