Corporate Social Responsibility

At Virtalent, we believe that it’s everyone’s responsibility to be a force for good.

Impact Policy

Our Impact Policy has been designed to support Virtalent’s business objectives in our efforts to be a more sustainable business. Virtalent recognises that it has a responsibility to make a difference to people’s lives, the wider community and environment, which goes beyond the regulations and legal requirements that all companies must adhere to.

The impact we have is a very important part of our business strategy and operating methods. We encourage all our customers and suppliers to take up the same commitment wherever possible. 

We honour this responsibility in a number of ways throughout the business.

Environmental Responsibility

As an environmentally responsible business we work hard to ensure that Virtalent plays its part in protecting the planet.  We will always be mindful of the activities we undertake as a business and the impact they have on the environment.  

Carbon neutral:  As a fully virtual business, remain committed to being as carbon neutral as possible.  No staff will ever have to commute to an office or client meeting.  We promote and stand by virtual working and communication always.

Paperless organisation:  Never issuing employees with printers and ensuring that all contracts, communication and documentation, are able to be dealt with electronically.

Reduced packaging:  Committing to buying in bulk and combining postage/packaging when ordering or buying products.  

Reuse and recycle:  Ensure any paper products bought are made from recycled material and are recycled when possible.

Upcycle: Committed to reusing and refurbishing equipment, rather than unnecessarily buying new.

Energy efficient:  Encourage all team members to be mindful of energy consumption whilst working from home.

Ethical Responsibility

We are wholly committed to ensuring that Virtalent operates ethically at all times.  We do this by operating the business with integrity, transparency and values.  This includes following laws and regulations and ensuring that business practices align with ethical standards.  We do this by:

  • Treating employees fairly and providing a safe working environment
  • Ensuring that suppliers and partners adhere to ethical standards
  • Engaging in transparent and honest business practices

Mental health advocates:  We are continuing to embed and promote our newly launched extensive health and wellbeing programme AssistYou, which is extended to all staff, Virtual Assistants and clients.  Ensuring that nobody should have to struggle and will always have access to support, whether that’s with a personal or professional challenge, or in the event of a crisis.

Living Wage Employer:  As a Living Wage Employer we fully embrace ensuring that all members of our team are paid fairly and are able to ensure the standard of living anyone deserves.  We will always go above and beyond the minimum requirements to ensure that we remain a responsible employer.

Healthcare for Staff:  We wouldn’t be the business we are without our team around us.  As such, we ensure that looking after them and their health and wellbeing is paramount.  By offering access to healthcare, it makes us and them sleep easier at night, knowing we are doing what we can to support them in staying healthy and well.

Philanthropically Responsible

It is important that Virtalent is able to support voluntary organisations in the work that they do.  We are committed to learning and discovering new ways for the business to give support to charities and community projects.

In 2023, as a community, we jointly walked 5 million steps to raise money and awareness for Heart UK.  We were able to donate to the charity and support its incredible work.

We are dedicated to ensuring that Virtalent always remains a corporate socially responsible business and will strive to find ways to educate ourselves, make improvements where we can and grow to only become better as the world changes and needs us to.