Virtalent Plus+
Partners You Can Trust

Virtalent clients get access to preferential pricing with our handpicked partners. They’ll work with your Virtalent VA to manage your business, so you don’t have to!

Invite only! Join us to access Virtalent Plus+ discounts.

Carthy Accountants

10% Off the Carthy Business Academy
Discount Worth At Least £600 per Year

Accountants that not only look after your compliance requirements, but also help you achieve your business and personal goals, are tricky to find.

With Virtalent, you’ll get 10% off any Carthy Business Academy package for the first 12 months of being a Carthy Accountants client.

Virtual HQ

Receive Your Mail Remotely

Want to impress with a fancy address? Whether you want to pop up in Belfast or Bradford, VirtualHQ can give you the physical presence you need.

Got mail? Their onsite team can email a copy to you or your VA. Join us and get £30 off, plus a discount of up to 20% for multi-site subscriptions.


A Free 1-Month Trial (30 Calls)
Your Calls Answered, With A Smile!

Professional Callminders’ friendly, expert team will ensure your calls are answered on time, and always with a smile, passing any messages on to you or your VA to handle.

Want to give them a go? We’ll get you a totally free 1-month trial, with a whopping 30 calls included.

£20 Free Call Credit
Launch Your Cloud-Based phone System

No office number? No time to take calls? No worries! Nimvelo’s VOIP solution will get you and your VA set up with a professional-looking phone number in seconds. Who knew going remote was so easy?

We’ll secure you £20 free credit when you open an account with them.

10% Off Business Insurance
A Broker You Can Depend On

Solid insurance cover is a must-have for all businesses, regardless of size or sector. But we get it – you don’t know where to start and don’t know which insurer to go with!

Luckily, PolicyBee’s expert team are on hand to advise you. We’ll get you up to 10% off a new policy!

Scale Up On Cloud 9

COVID may well have made remote working the new ”it girl”, but our virtual team has been helping entrepreneurs scale up without an office since 2014.

We know it takes trust to put your business in the hands of someone you’ve never met in person.

That’s why we launched Virtalent Plus+, a carefully curated list of partners we trust to work in tandem with you and your new Virtalent VA, helping you build a cloud-based company that runs like clockwork.

You’ll need to open an account with Virtalent to take advantage of these exclusive offers. The first step is for us to jump on a quick call together!