Meeting Preparation Services

Struggling with meeting prep? Try our meeting preparation services. From logistics to minute-taking, we’ve got you covered.

Meeting Preparation Services That Deliver Results

We want you to feel confident and relaxed before your next meeting. That’s why our team offers a range of services to enhance your overall meeting experience:

  • Efficiency: our PAs are experienced in meeting preparation and can take care of tasks such as competitor and industry research. Your new VA will also create agendas and craft post-meeting minutes.
  • Time-saving: our meeting preparation service saves a lot of time that you can invest in more pressing tasks and projects.
  • Increased productivity: we’ll take charge of all aspects of your meeting logistics. This enables you to concentrate solely on the meeting itself and achieving your goal.
  • Flexibility: our PAs can work around your schedule, so that your unique meeting preparation needs are met.
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Capture Every Idea And Never Miss A Beat With Our Crystal Clear Meeting Notes

Our team can help you prepare for meetings by conducting research and creating concise agendas and briefing documents. Your new VA will also assist with the creation of professional presentations and documents, including slide decks and handouts.

These valuable insights and services ensure that everything runs smoothly and professionally during your next meeting. Our team can also take notes during the meeting and keep track of action items.

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Master Your Meetings With Seamless Logistics and Coordination

Seamless meeting preparation is the key to successful meetings. Our VAs excel in coordinating meetings with multiple attendees, travel arrangements, and venue bookings. They can find the perfect venue and handle all aspects of travel coordination, including booking flights, parking, and ground transportation. 

Additionally, your VA can assist with follow-up tasks, including assigning and tracking action items upon request. Furthermore, our VAs are skilled at managing multiple calendars, ensuring all attendees are available for the meeting and avoiding scheduling conflicts.

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Empower Your Virtual Meetings With Hassle-Free Preparation

Virtual meetings are crucial in modern business communication, but their preparation poses unique challenges that we can assist with. For example, we can help with technology and software needs, troubleshoot issues, manage the agendas, and ensure everything runs smoothly. Additionally, our VAs can provide post-meeting support, such as sending out meeting minutes, action items, and gathering participant feedback.

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Meeting Preparation Services FAQs

Your questions about our meeting and scheduling services answered.

What does a VA do in terms of meeting preparation?

You can rely on our PAs to help with agenda creation, venue sourcing, dial-in support, and post-meeting minutes. By delegating these tasks to your new VA, you can focus on other important aspects of your work.

Why choose a Virtalent VA for meeting preparation?

Our experienced VAs can quickly handle meeting preparation tasks such as competitor and industry research. They will also create agendas and draft post-meeting minutes. In addition, our meeting preparation services can be customised to meet your needs and requirements.

What is the key to good meeting preparation?

The key lies in understanding the meeting’s purpose and objectives, which our VAs strive to do. It involves researching topics to be discussed, anticipating questions, and preparing clear, concise materials that facilitate discussion. Effective preparation also includes reviewing previous meeting minutes for unresolved issues and setting a realistic agenda that allocates time wisely for each item. Engaging participants ahead of time to understand their expectations and contributions can lead to more productive discussions. Lastly, ensuring all necessary technology and resources are ready and functional before the meeting begins is crucial to avoid disruptions and maintain focus.

Can you provide some examples of how you help businesses with meeting preparation?

Picture this: you’re about to attend a big meeting with potential investors. You’re feeling anxious, but our VA will help you stay on top of it all. From organising research to setting up an agenda, help is at hand. So you can breeze through the meeting confident in the material you have been given.

Picture this: you are about to have a video conference call with clients. Your new VA will ensure everything runs smoothly – from setting up reminders to providing quick audio and video streaming links. No more worries about technical glitches – just a seamless experience.