Billing And Payments FAQs

Our FAQs answer all you need to know about billing and payments.
How does billing work?

When you create an account, you’ll simply pick a Support Plan (10, 20, 40 or 60 hours per month) which you feel is most suitable. The date you sign up to our service is known as your monthly “billing date” and you’ll continue with your plan unless you tell us otherwise.

To make sure our support continually adapts to your changing schedule, any unused hours will roll over to your next billing period. But likewise, if you need a little support one month, we’ll simply bill you for the extra time you need in increments. You can always manage your monthly plan and your preferences around “extra hours”, as well as find a real-time overview of the hours you still have available to use in our handy portal. OUR SUPPORT PLANS >
How do I pay you?

95% of our clients prefer to pay us by direct debit. It’s the safest, most convenient way to pay in the UK and means you don’t need to lift a finger, as payment is taken automatically on your billing date, meaning one less task on your to-do list.

This is handled by an independent third party – Stripe. We’ll never see your bank details and you’ll always be notified by us and Stripe before any payments are processed each month.

If direct debit doesn’t work for you, you can pay by credit/debit card. These details will be stored securely with Stripe, a reputable third party payment provider. Virtalent will never see your details.

Just let us know how you’d like to pay when creating your account.


Is Direct Debit safe for me to use?

Direct Debit is the safest, most convenient way to pay in the UK.

All Direct Debit payments at Virtalent are handled by third party, Stripe. When we need to process payment for one of your invoices on your monthly billing date, we pass on a payment processing request to GoCardless who then process the payment on our behalf.

That means you are always in complete control of your paperless Direct Debit mandate. You can login to your GoCardless account at any time or cancel it directly with your bank, should you need to do so.

You’ll also be notified 3 working days in advance of your account being debited of any payment.

Plus, you’ll legally be protected by the Direct Debit Guarantee. You can read more about this here. This means that if an error is made in the payment of your Direct Debit you are entitled to an immediate full refund of the amount paid from your bank account.

What happens if I need more support than I’ve prepaid for? Can I use extra time?

Yes. Our service is designed for small businesses. We know that without a crystal ball to hand, it’s impossible to forecast exactly how much support you’ll need from your VA every single month.

That means that your Virtalent Virtual Assistant will simply continue working for you throughout the month and if they exceed the prepaid hours you have on account with us, we’ll bill you for the extra time in set increments (e.g. “if my balance runs out, add 2 hours to my account”). You have complete control over this. It’s really that simple.
I’m not in the UK. Do I need to pay the vat?

Business? If you are creating an account in the name of a registered company (e.g. XYZ Inc.) or you can demonstrate that you are running a business abroad, even as a freelancer, we can typically deduct VAT from your invoices.

Individual? If you are based in the UK, or you cannot demonstrate that you are using the service for business purposes, we will likely need to charge you VAT.

Please discuss this with us during your consultation call.

What are your payment terms?

Virtalent is a prepaid service.

We’ll process payments for any invoices due automatically – with your prior consent – on your regular monthly billing date. This is either handled by Direct Debit or by charging the card you have already placed on file, both of which are handled by payment processor, Stripe.

Likewise, if your balance reaches zero (i.e. you have used all the available time on your account), we’ll automatically top up your account with some extra time. You have complete control over this – you might set the portal to “add 2 hours if my balance hits zero”, or example.

If you’re an Enterprise client and have a corporate finance department to contend with, we’ll discuss bespoke payment terms with you directly.

Are there any hidden or additional fees to pay?

No, like any good holiday on the Costa Del Sol, our plans really are all-inclusive. There are absolutely no hidden fees.

Your Support Plan includes the use of your Virtual Assistant, as well as a dedicated Client Success Manager, access to our Task Portal and all the other tools and software that you might expect your Virtual Assistant to use as standard.

The only extras you might need to budget for are if your VA will incur expenses as a result of the work you need them to do. Postage costs, travel expenses or high volumes of phone calls would be examples of any costs you would need to reimburse us for (at cost).

Do I pay extra if I need to work with more than one VA?

No, our Support Plans are set up to include the hours available for use by any of our team working on your account. If you have more than one Virtual Assistant (e.g. a Marketing VA and a PA), they each debit the time they use from that single total balance.

You don’t need to take out a second plan if you need to work with two or more VAs.

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