Maintaining Confidentiality

At Virtalent, we are deeply committed to maintaining confidentiality and preserving the privacy of all our clients. As a trusted partner to many businesses, we have implemented a range of measures to maintain complete confidentiality in all our interactions.

Safeguarding Your Business Information

Your VA will inevitably be privy to sensitive details about your business. However, realistically, your VA can only support you and your business effectively if they have access to certain information. With Virtalent, you can rest assured that we’ll handle your information with absolute discretion and respect for your privacy. Our reputation as a trusted partner – working with both large and smaller businesses since 2014 – is built not only on our word but also on our legally binding commitments. You can find detailed explanations of our commitments in our Terms and Conditions (see Clause 8), as well as the GDPR guides contained here. These contractual terms will guide our relationship with you as a client, stipulating what you can expect from us. Our legal obligation to uphold these promises adds an additional layer of assurance to the verbal assurances we provide.
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    Comprehensive Identity Checks With Veriphy

    To protect your sensitive information, we go a step further in our hiring process. We conduct a comprehensive 360 Identity Check on all new Virtual Assistants joining the team through Veriphy, a leading identity verification service. This process ensures that:

    • Our VAs reside in the UK and not abroad, ensuring they are subject to UK laws and regulations.
    • The identity details provided by our VAs are accurate, helping us maintain transparency and trust with our clients. 
    • The address provided by our VAs is accurate, adding an extra layer of security.
    • Our VAs do not hold any current UK company Directorships that could be a potential conflict of interest with the clients they support. This unique feature of our process sets us apart in the industry.

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    Enhanced Confidentiality: Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)

    While our standard terms and conditions provide extensive protection, we understand that some clients might operate in industries with more stringent confidentiality requirements. For such scenarios, we offer an optional Confidentiality Agreement or NDA.

    We have prepared a comprehensive NDA template you can use between yourself and your new Virtalent VA. This agreement provides space for specifying any information you wish to be particularly safeguarded. Both you and your VA will sign this agreement, and you’ll receive an electronic copy for your records. This NDA is designed to accommodate your specific needs, providing additional protection. To facilitate this, let us know during the signup process, and we’ll coordinate the signing process using our e-signature software, PandaDoc.

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    We’ll answer any questions you have and provide you with any extra information you might need.