Our Task Portal

The cornerstone of our efficient workflow at Virtalent is our Task Portal – an all-encompassing platform for clients to seamlessly manage tasks, track progress, control billing, and share files.

Your Central Hub At Virtalent

With features designed to provide 100% transparency and maximise convenience, our task portal is built to keep you in control.

  • Transparent Task Management: The portal gives you an instant overview of the tasks your Virtual Assistant is working on and the tasks that have been completed. This ensures you’re always up to speed with your VA’s work progress and can re-prioritise tasks as needed.
  • Detailed Time Tracking: In keeping with our commitment to transparency, we provide detailed timesheets which account for every second your Virtalent VA has spent working. These timesheets are accessible in real-time and show how much time has been spent on each task. For your convenience, you can export these timesheets to PDF or Excel for further analysis or record-keeping.
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You’re Always In Control

Not only can you see what your Virtual Assistant is working on, and even how long they spent working on each task, but you’re always in control of your monthly spend too.

  • Easy Billing Control: You maintain total control over your billing within the task portal. Switch plans, check when your next invoice is due or download invoices. Our integrated billing system streamlines your account with Virtalent, allowing you to focus on more important priorities.
  • Balance Overview: One of the standout features of our task portal is the clear overview of your current “time balance”, i.e., the remaining time available to use with your Virtual Assistant during the month, as well as the time logged so far. This feature helps you plan tasks effectively and ensures you’re utilising your VA’s time optimally.
  • Easy Account Sharing: The portal allows you to share your account with a colleague in just a few clicks. This facilitates teamwork, ensuring everyone in your own team has a unified, real-time view of the tasks being handled by Virtalent.

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Full Of Handy Extra Features

From ways to share files to handling expenses, we’ve tried to think of everything. We continuously evolve our task portal to ensure it caters to your ever-changing business needs. We believe in providing our clients with a transparent, efficient, and tailored service to their requirements, and our task portal is a testament to that belief.

  • Hassle-Free Expense Management: If it would be easier for you if your Virtual Assistant could incur small sundry expenses (to purchase a software licence for example), our task portal simplifies this process. VAs can log an expense to the portal and this will be added to your next invoice. We’ll then reimburse them. Simple!
  • File Sharing Facility: The task portal includes a secure file-sharing facility. This ensures a swift, secure exchange of files between you and your VA, keeping all your work-related documents in one place and easily accessible whenever needed.
  • Knowledge Base Access: Our task portal also provides you with access to our comprehensive knowledge base, which contains numerous useful articles and downloads to help you get the most out of working with your Virtual Assistant.

The portal’s user-friendly design, coupled with its myriad of features, makes it a powerful tool for managing your tasks and collaborating with our team.

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