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Our AssistYou mobile app is your digital health ally, providing personalised wellness tools and resources so you can track your health, enjoy custom content, and get 24/7 support all in one place.

Pave The Path To Better Health With Personalised Insights

We understand that balancing personal and professional lives can be tough. This imbalance can often affect your emotional, physical, and financial health. In the face of such hurdles, it’s all too easy to sideline self-awareness and your emotions, both of which are key to overall wellness.

That’s why the AssistYou mobile app can track your mood, helping you to detect patterns and pinpoint areas that might need attention. In this sense, you can use our app as a gentle reminder to take a breather and evaluate your emotional state each week.

The AssistYou mobile app also empowers you to set health-focused goals like quitting smoking, shedding some pounds, or handling stress better. We’ve got custom four-week health plans that urge you to review your progress and jot down your experiences at the week’s end.

On top of goal-setting, we’ve included stress-busting techniques in the app, like our specially curated breathing exercises to help you unwind and relax. In addition, our mini-health checks delve into crucial areas such as height, weight, sleep habits, and mental health, enabling you to keep tabs on your overall wellness.

 With a simple tap, you can also view exclusive video series featuring personal stories from notable individuals who have successfully tackled their mental health challenges. Overall the broad features and holistic approach of our AssistYou programme is there to empower you to live a life that’s not just balanced but also truly fulfilling.

    AssistYou app

    Transform Your Wellbeing With Customised Health Journeys

    Our AssistYou mobile app caters to your unique needs, such as exercise or childcare. You can specify your preferences and topics, populating your personalised newsfeed with resources and learning materials that interest you.

    Through our app, you can also contact our partnered healthcare provider confidentially via phone, callback request, email, or live chat. Trained counsellors and experts in their field are available around the clock, ready to assist you in the way that suits you best. The mobile app also adds a fun, competitive edge to wellness with game-like features and incentives for healthier habits with a comprehensive rewards system.

    At Virtalent we are all too familiar with the pressures business owners face. That’s why we’re committed to supporting your wellbeing, happiness, and mental health through our AssistYou mobile app.

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