Other Things We Can Do

Virtual project management? Check. Online customer service? You bet. What else can they do? What else can’t they do?!


Got deadlines? Let our VAs hit them for you.


Transform content customers into your best advocates.


Let our VAs manage staff records, hire new talent and handle training and absences.


Dedicated VA support for all of your sales efforts.


Our experienced VAs can streamline the toughest operational challenges.


Your Projects. Managed.

Don’t get sidetracked by delays, deadlines, holdups and progress updates. Let your dedicated VA handle them and keep everyone in the loop.

Our Virtual Assistants can:

  • Meet deadlines and monitor your project schedules
  • Ensure progress is made by contractors and suppliers
  • Maintain your company records and update CRM systems
  • Rollout new processes, systems and KPIs
  • Quality check materials; ready for final approval

Keep Customers On Your Side

Emotional intelligence, tact and a friendly response are sometimes all that’s needed to please customers. Virtalent VAs have these skills fine-tuned. Ready to launch your online Customer Service squad?

Our Virtual Assistants can:

  • Put forward proactive advice that keeps clients happy
  • Onboard and offboard customers
  • Manage feedback and respond quickly to queries
  • Stop issues from escalating and avert crises

Bring In Talent. And Keep It.

Humans are more than just resources. Your seasoned VA can take care of recruitment tasks and get new team members up to speed.

Our Virtual Assistants can:

  • Screen candidate CVs to help you find top talent
  • Arrange interviews and place job ads
  • Orientate and onboard new staff
  • Minimise admin by managing leave and absences
  • Coordinate training for you or new team members
  • Keep on top of databases and recruitment software

VA Support For Your Sales Team

Your team has targets to meet. To help them convert customers, they need a reliable go-to person who can take care of requests and keep everyone in the loop. Enter your Virtual Sales Assistant.

Our Virtual Assistants can:

  • Manage sales enquiries and bolster your new business pipeline
  • Build closer customer relationships and onboard new ones
  • Stay plugged into customer needs and respond to any feedback
  • Coordinate rewards, incentives and gifts for your sales team and customers

Tackling Your Business Head On

Behind every leader is a trusted team. Our talented VAs know how to handle pressure and can take on tasks when time is of the essence. Unlike other Virtual Assistant services, Virtalent VAs have the experience to help grow your business efficiently and effectively.

Our Virtual Assistants can:

  • Be the first port-of-call for all your incoming enquiries
  • Inform employees, teams and suppliers about new initiatives
  • Act as the ‘go-between’ to keep everyone on track
  • Work closely with your partners, clients and other Virtual Assistants

Virtalent VAs Are Multi-talented Professionals

Our VAs are unlike those from other Virtual Assistant services. Whether you’re starting out or scaling up – can you afford not to hire a Virtalent Virtual Assistant?



These companies decided to trust us
SEO Consultant (Marbella)

I've been very impressed with Virtalent. Over the years I've worked with various UK Virtual Assistant agencies and Virtalent is by far the best. Nearly all of my clients are UK based, so having a highly educated assistant from the UK makes a big difference. Someone who not only understands the language but also the culture and mentality has really made a big difference. Being on the same timezone is a big plus as well. Highly recommended to anyone looking to hire for a Virtual Assistant agency you can trust.
Director, ALO Solutions

Clare had been with me four weeks, had a late paying client who my accountant said I needed to write off – Clare spoke to them once and the bill was paid! When first matched with her, she was just brilliant - she told me all the things she’d done – from her experience in Xero and invoicing I knew it would be fine, it’s also about understanding how you would work together. It’s good to have a fresh pair of eyes to look at everything and see how it’s done.
COO, Ignite Hospitality

Love our Virtalent PA! She’s lovely, so professional and proving to be more invaluable every day! Virtalent are an excellent resource that we wouldn't hesitate to recommend to anyone looking to hire a Virtual Assistant.
Innovation consultant

I absolutely love working with Emily – she is incredibly efficient and really bloody smart! I’ve been recommending you to my partner who desperately needs help too and is looking to hire a Virtual Assistant.

The team have proved invaluable to us here at the agency. All work supplied has been delivered on time, to a high standard and I would not falter in using their services again.

Value for money, convenient, time-saving and professional; this is exactly what a small company needs!
Barrister and Founder, Alpha Academic Appeals

Our UK Virtual Assistant at Virtalent has allowed the whole operation to run efficiently, which is particularly important in our field as appeal deadlines can be tight.
Co-Founder, Cosmic Kids

Virtalent clears space in our day and in our heads to focus on making Cosmic Kids even more amazing! Frances our virtual assistant is utterly reliable, full of initiative and an excellent communicator - I'm very happy we've found her. She's absolutely part of our team!