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Effective marketing requires round-the-clock maintenance.

Hire a Virtual Marketing Assistant to keep it all running smoothly.

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Maximise Your Marketing Efforts

Your Virtual Marketing Assistant can help you grow your market presence. They’ll implement your ideas – ensuring you reach the right audience with the right message, at the right time, with the right plan.

A Marketing VA can take on a range of tasks:
  • Research your ‘ideal customers’ and buyer personas
  • Reach new customers in a way they’ll respond to easily
  • Brainstorm new content and design ideas
  • Help you transform ideas into tangible campaigns
  • Analyse past campaigns to help you boost your ROI
  • Edit and revise your ongoing marketing campaigns to optimise engagement

Make Your Social Media Sing

Social media’s vital to business growth and broader brand awareness. It’s just a question of having the right strategy, posting regularly and keeping track of performance. With a Marketing VA on the case, you’ll start to see some serious results. Fast.

An experienced VA can:
  • Help you execute an effective social media strategy to grow your audience
  • Publish, curate and share written and visual content to keep your audience engaged
  • Monitor and reply to customer queries across numerous social channels
  • Run paid social media campaigns – making the most of your budget in real time
Hire a Marketing Assistant by Virtalent
Online Marketing Assistant - Virtalent

Ensure Your Emails Convert

Emails are an easy thing to overlook – even though they’re one of the most effective marketing tools out there! Some dedicated VA magic can quickly work wonders: boosting open rates and click-throughs; leading to warmer leads, more traffic and increased sales.

What can a Virtual Marketing Assistant do for you?
  • Prepare a regular email newsletter to keep your clients up-to-date
  • Create customer promos that grab instant attention
  • Take charge of list building
  • Manage promotional campaigns to maximise ROI
  • Set up autoresponders and deal with incoming responses and requests

Marketing Ready? Strategy Set? Let’s Go.

A dedicated VA can set your best plans in motion.

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Keep Your Content Engaging

You know content’s crucial to customer acquisition and engagement. Sometimes ideas seem to just appear on the page. Other days it’s hard to find the right words. With a dedicated VA to create compelling content, you’ll soon get your message seen and heard.

A talented Virtual Marketing Assistant can:
  • Tweak and refresh content for your company website
  • Oversee your full-suite of social media channels; writing posts and tracking sentiment
  • Craft and draft beautifully-written blogs
  • Issue regular newsletters
  • Source impactful images that’ll complement your copy
  • Proofread text for your sales brochures, microsites or landing pages
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Make Good On Market Research

Knowledge is power. You need it to give your business an edge to stay ahead of the competition. It’s an ongoing task: a game you can win with a VA.

Your Virtual Marketing Assistant can:
  • Help you keep tabs on the competition and industry trends
  • Source new customers – home in on who they are, what they want and where to find them
  • Explore new opportunities – to understand how you can make the biggest impact in different regions
  • Evaluate new marketing tools – trialling software to see what works for your needs

Continually Update Your Website

Once you get a steady stream of web traffic, you need to keep visitors on your site. Making simple tweaks with a drag-and-drop editor can pay dividends. You can keep customers engaged and attract new interest. The only hard part is finding the time to do it. What you need is a Virtual Marketing Assistant who can push your website to the top of their list.

A Marketing VA can:
  • Amend copy to keep your site up-to-date
  • Entice readers to remain on your site with eye-catching graphics
  • Update links to ensure your site remains current and guarantees a good user experience
  • Maintain a regular feed of new blog posts to keep readers engaged
  • Adding new products to your e-commerce platform
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Get More From Your Marketing

Accelerate your business with a dedicated Virtual Marketing Assistant.

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