How To Expand Your Business Abroad

So, it’s the 21st century, your UK sales are stagnating, and thanks to technological developments, it’s easier than over to expand your business abroad. “British products and services are in demand, and exploring overseas avenues delivers huge growth potential” according to Steve Childs, Head of International for Business Banking at Barclays. It is still one … Read more

The Argument For Bootstrapping

Bootstrapping your business isn’t usually the first line of many unicorn fairytale stories. When starting a business, many entrepreneurs believe there is fairytale to fulfil. Come up with great idea, start on your quest to find the elusive unicorn, discover a wide old investor who gives you the sack of gold you need to help you on … Read more

How to Fund a Start-Up 101

There’s only so far you can go in business before you either a) start running out of cash or b) actually need cash. Once you have reached this point, you realise that you may need to start thinking about funding. But where on earth do you get the funding from? Friends and Family Once we … Read more