As a business owner, it must be difficult to keep on top of everything that needs to be done. You have work tasks, domestic duties and social events. All of which impacts on your overall productivity. What I need is an extra 6 hours in the day. Alas, this may be a little too ambitious. Therefore it may be worth looking at the next best thing: Apps. What can you get on your phone or tablet to help you organise your time better and ultimately make you more productive? We took a closer look at what is out there and compiled a list of our 6 favourites to help you get organised.


This is a very common piece of software which people use to help keep track of everything from articles written and upcoming work to managing projects and organising a team’s tasks. One huge benefit is the simplicity of sharing it with a team spread across a wide geographical area.  It keeps teams organised, informed, in touch and on time. It is a great simple tool to keep you and your team on track and together.


A beautiful little cross-platform note-taking app, that allows you access to your thoughts no matter where you are in the world. Whatever format you want to remember them, typing or recording, this app can do it. They are always available for when you need them. The main benefit of this app is that you can keep your mind clear of little thoughts whilst storing them so you can benefit from them later.


Todoist feels like the world’s best to-do list on hyperdrive. You can keep lists of everything, organise your diary, create projects, share and collaborate and even gather data on your own productivity. This is a superb little app that is really built to make you a superhuman productive machine. Keeping you focused, organised and on track to reach your goals and targets.


This app is similar to Todoist in that it is a list making app, however, it has one additional feature, a timer. This is not just a generic timer but one you can assign to each task. You can, therefore, give yourself a real deadline to get each task done. This will keep you moving forward and accountable for getting your list done. Not just another list to keep track of but one that will encourage you to get things done.


As they state themselves, Mindly is all about managing your “inner universe”. It is an app built for you to go crazy with your ideas. Have a great idea, record it in Mindly then in the future you can connect your ideas to see what inspirational ideas you have had. A real must for any creative thinkers out there.


You could say this one is the mother of them all. With Workflow you can connect all your other apps to create a workflow for yourself. You build it by dragging and dropping actions into a list. It really is super intuitive to use. For example, you could create a workflow that tells your device to take a picture using your camera, make a GIF from the picture using an app, view the GIF to check it looks good, and then share it on Facebook.

This selection of apps can help you streamline your work. They can assist you in making sure you are being productive more of the time. Organising your life and work in this way can generate a new abundance of time and help you produce more. Another way of doing that is also outsourcing those tasks that are essential but straightforward and take up a lot of your time. Emails, phone calls, enquiries or general diary management are all incredibly important tasks but are they the best use of your time?

The great thing about new technology is the innovative solutions it can provide to some of our most frustrating challenges. The difficulty of ensuring we are getting the most from our time is top of many peoples lists. Adopting a set of apps to help you improve your productivity will set you on this path to a greater balance in the use of your time. In addition, it will also start to cultivate a more questioning mindset, focusing more on “how to best use my time?” By focusing on what you are actually producing on a day to day basis, you will make better decisions about what you should be doing or perhaps what others should be doing for you.

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