The Virtual Assistant Industry

Before there was such a thing as the Virtual Assistant industry, going to work meant making that long schlep into the office. You'd then sit at your desk for the next 8 hours. At least. Then you'd log off and go home. And that was it until tomorrow. But not anymore. Some may lament that […]

Collaborating With Your Virtual Team

Virtual team collaboration. If you're an entrepreneur hiring your first Virtual Assistant, or a small business owner with a team scattered far and wide, then you'll know how challenging it is. And how important it is to get right. As the trend for remote working increases, so too does the need for a shift in […]

5 Ways To Create A Virtual Team Culture

If you work with remote staff, then you'll want to pay particular attention to the virtual team culture that you create. In its simplest form, a culture is the values, beliefs, attitudes and behaviours that a team shares. It’s how people work together. How they treat each other. It's unspoken and unwritten. It’s people dynamics. […]