Compare Virtalent To Outsourcing Abroad

No cultural clashes and nothing lost in translation. Work smarter, not harder with Virtalent’s UK-based VAs.

Offshore Solution


Yes – work with the very best.

No – quality varies wildly.


Yes – we’re online when you are.

No – different timezones causes delays.


Yes – we’ve grown up in the same corner of the world!

No – lack of any context leads to misguided assumptions.


Yes – vetted native-level English speakers, who you can communicate with as you like.

No – typically poor quality language skills. Support often provided by email only.


Yes – always enjoy an efficient, effective relationship with a top-quality VA.

No – it’s a gamble every time!


Yes – highly efficient and effective support equals stacks of added value. No hand-holding!

No – support often focuses on less valuable tasks (e.g. data entry) and sucks up a lot of your valuable time.

Hear Why Karina Chose Virtalent

Karina explains “I’d tried other Virtual Assistant systems before and really found them lacking. But when I found the Virtalent team, it just ‘clicked’!”


We’re Not A

It’s easy to focus us on price. Whether it’s petrol or pickles, houses or headphones … it’s natural to compare like-for-like to bag yourself the best deal.

But the thing is, like many services, Virtual Assistant support isn’t a commodity – this time, you can’t pay less and yet magically expect to get the same thing. Outsourcing your to-do list to Manila or New Delhi is cheaper, yes, but it’s also less effective; less valuable.

Forget the cost and look at your return. We’ll guarantee that pound for pound, you’ll be making a smarter investment with Virtalent.

Bob’s Your

When you’re short on time, you can’t afford to spend your week going back and forth. It’s slow progress when quick asks are turned into drawn-out discussions, simply because your new hire doesn’t understand the lingo.

Choose clarity over confusion; pick value over frustration.

With Virtalent, nothing is lost in translation. Give us your instructions and our UK-based team will get the job done – not once, not twice, but each and every day.

Match Your Needs

Get Your 4 Hour Workweek

Tim Ferriss makes it all sound so easy. Step 1 – hire a VA. Step 2 – put your feet up.

Most people quickly discover that an offshore VA needs so much (micro)management time – added to the list of tasks that simply need redoing – that those four hours soon turn into 40. They realise it’s just not worth the hassle.

A Virtual Assistant can still be your secret weapon – but you can’t just hire anyone. You need to put your business in the hands of a competent, experienced professional; one that’s already spent a long career supporting business owners just like you. Enter Virtalent.

Lean On Our UK-Based Team

Get access to a premium VA you can trust.

Cheap As Chips

The question is not how much a solution costs, but how effective it is at solving your problem.