A new year means new trends across the world, especially in marketing. From the Pantone Colour of the Year 2024 (it’s Peach Fuzz, by the way) to the latest release from the tech world, everybody is rolling out a shiny and new marketing trend.

If you’re a small business owner and you don’t have vast resources or money at your disposal, what are the areas you could be targeting with your marketing efforts this year? Here, we round up five potential trends for the year ahead.

1. Nostalgia

Yes, believe it or not, the ‘90s are cool again. Many brand and marketing specialists are saying that many companies will be leaning into nostalgic colour schemes, pop culture references and more with their branding for the year ahead.

How can you use this marketing trend?

On your social media, you can share details of your business “back-in the day” or even a snap of yourself from that era with your company’s origin story.

Alternatively, you could add nostalgic elements to your branding or offer a limited edition product or price that reflects a bygone era.

2. Video

The popularity of TikTok has given rise to a host of new opportunities for companies to get themselves into video. The one key thing to note about this growing trend for the year ahead is it’s not about selling your service or product directly in the video. The video trend is driven by many people showing elements of a “lifestyle” or sharing an experience of an industry. The video trends are about building brand recognition to a wider audience.

It’s not just TikTok, with many companies cross-posting from video platforms onto professional platforms such as LinkedIn.

And if you are working with a younger demographic, 51% of Gen-Z women will use TikTok instead of Google. Surprising, but it's something to keep in mind.

How can you use this marketing trend?

Don’t panic if you’re not adept with a camera, though. Even just recording a quick behind-the-scenes video on an iPhone camera is acceptable nowadays!

There are also lots of Virtual Assistants who can help out with creative ideas, video editing, and scheduling if you aren’t feeling confident yourself.

3. Micro-Influencers

Influencer marketing has been around a for while now, but the mood of it is shifting. Just a few years ago many were chasing the aspirational “Instagram lifestyle”. However, with world events, a change in financial circumstances and a real emphasis on sustainability and careful consumerism, this has changed. We are now in the era of the micro-influencer.

Now many brands are looking for smaller content creators with niche but dedicated followings. The engagement from these is driven by authenticity and being related. So think of smaller follower counts but massive engagement metrics.

How can you use this marketing trend?

Even if you work in an incredibly niche area, it’s likely there are some micro-influencers you can look to work with. Try to look on social media platforms for what kind of content is being pushed around your area. Identify those who are frequently posting and are aligned with your brand’s ethos.

4. Automation

Automation has been around for a while now, but with the rise in technology and data analytics, automation is becoming even more important for small businesses. Automating repetitive tasks can save time and resources, allowing you to focus on more strategic aspects of your marketing efforts.

How can you use this marketing trend?

Consider trying out email marketing automation, social media scheduling tools, and data analytics to optimise your marketing efforts. You can set up special email marketing sequencing to keep in touch with current clients and potential customers, all set up to go out automatically based on time, actions and more.

Skilled Virtual Assistants can help create, implement, and manage automated processes, allowing you to focus on strategic aspects of your business. Embracing automation can lead to increased efficiency and better returns in your marketing campaigns as well.

5. Sustainability

Even if your business is completely unrelated to the green economy or sustainability, all businesses are expected to do their bit in 2024. Companies will be expected to talk about what actions they are taking through their production methods, their charity work, or even the kind of coffee that they stock in their staff canteen to illustrate their commitment to saving the planet.

How can you use this marketing trend?

Look at how your business can make a change for sustainability. This could be looking for grants from the government to become more eco-friendly, asking your suppliers about what their actions are, or even making some pledges to be more eco-friendly. Communicate these initiatives on your website or through your social media to your customers to demonstrate your commitment to a better future. However, make sure that it’s sincere and that it’s not a greenwashing attempt. Consumers are increasingly conscious of authenticity, so ensure that your sustainability efforts are genuine and transparent.

Need Some Help With Marketing?

It can be difficult to stay ahead of trends in your own space, let alone in marketing and other elements of business. If you are looking for some additional support to make 2024 your best year yet, why not consider contacting us to find out more about specialist marketing Virtual Assistants? Or, even just contact us for a free consultation to find out what other support you could have. And, in the meantime, Happy New Year!

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